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River Marked - Patricia Briggs More of a 3.5 for me...

Mercy and Adam go on a honeymoon, where of course Mercy gets into some trouble and gets into a fight with a monster out of her league and gets rescued by Adam.

But other than sticking to the one-sentence formula, this book is a lot different than the usual Mercy adventure. 1) A lot of time is spent with just Mercy and Adam, so with that relationship in a tighter focus more romance comes to the forefront. It wasn't overboard, but it was still a lot. 2) Mercy ends up learning a lot about her Native heritage, which was brushed aside for most of the previous books. This part was done mostly well, and we learned about several spirit walkers in Briggs pantheon, so to speak. Although here they were being a little too selfless, which seemed odd to me. Neverthe less, a solid enjoyable read.