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Blood Cross - Faith Hunter I really liked the first one of this series, so I went and checked this out from the library right away.Unfortunately, I spent most of my time reading this wondering "why did she just do that?"

I dont neccesarily think UF needs to make sense, but if we are following a character in first person, it seems the motivations should be more clear.
The last scene of the book brought this to a head, when the big battle is over, and the hostages are saved, it seems she would be checking on her friends, making sure the hostages are ok, that the injured are healed, that her allies that lost a member are settled...so many things! But instead she goes off to have sex with one of the cops. Seriously? Doesn't the cop have things to do as well? That just struck me as nonsensical. It made sense for them to get together, but right then?

That kind of wrecked it for me.