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Kitty Goes to War - Carrie Vaughn I mean, I get that there is a certain amount of suspension of belief we need to do as readers when we read Urban Fantasy, but my god...this was just annoyingly implausible.

So the set up is that Kitty finds out that something fishy is going down revolving around Speedy-Marts. Around the same time she is contacted by the Army (really?) because there was a rogue vampire unit whose Alpha was killed and they need her help. (hmmm) OK.

But then,
they just let Kitty check the guys out to re-integrate them into society. (Seriously) and even though the Speedy Mart thing is blowing up into a literal magic blizzard, she takes them out HUNTING (seriously? This couldnt wait?) Of course one goes rogue and kills a couple people but the army lets her take the other werewolf and borrow a humvee to get back to Denver to stop the snow-wizard problem. (What?)

Maybe if this would have just dealt with one of the storylines, things would have fallen into place a little better, but the tying them together just did not work for me.

you know, I think my five year old could have made the story more plausible. ugh