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Memories of Ice - Steven Erikson October 2010: I truly loved this book-My all-time favorite Malazan novel. I wanted to give it more stars, my only issue was there was something I couldn't figure out-- why Rake would destroy Moon's Spawn...it just didnt make sense to me.
Otherwise I LOVED this book, it's my favorite Malazan read. There were three times I actually started crying, I was so moved. And I mean crying-I bawled like a baby at one point-thank god I was at home!
Truly my favorite book ever! Malazan addict!

March 2013: Upon a reread I see how much was always there, just waiting to get picked up on...Truly needed this re-read. My favorite scene is still Brukhalian marching to his death, knowing he is being betrayed but confident he will be avenged. Beautiful!