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Vicious Circle - Mike Carey Although I enjoy this series, this take was a little bit of a mixed bag. Maybe I have a thing about too tidy of an ending lately, but this case all came together with just a FEW too many coincidences. Everything was put into motion years ago by the same huy.....hmmmm

Some of it I could see...I think the bioggest turn-off was Pen dating that Doctor. It just didnt seem right that hearth goddess pagan Pen all of a sudden is doting on a young doctor and making nightly 'stress-relief' visits, and conveniantly none of her friends had met him? I saw it as a plot device from the first doctor word in print. And when Felix never noticed, it seemed like a big flourescent orange light bulb flashing away in the middle of the book. I kept hoping Id be wrong but nope, there it was. Sorry, did not make sense on many levels.

The writing, and the idea behind the story were great, and Felix characterseemed true. But making any sense? not really