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Beyond the Shadows - Brent Weeks so, I was REALLY appreciating this book for a while...it upped the ante of the first two books, becoming complicated and deepening the characters. Yay, right?
But then there was the ending...all of a sudden everyone's little bit of magic turns into a big bundle of magic, and they just wipe out all the monsters. Really? huh...

1 major character does die, but some magical miracle has the crazy guy transfer her fetus into a different woman's womb. Seriously?

And the crazy guy....he was able to pull it together because a true friend kept calling his name...bringing him back to reality so to speak. Hmmmmmmmm

ok, I can take in a lot, but that was a little too Deus ex machina for me.

and I didnt even get to the part about the haunted woods that kills everyone. Except for the guy who instead got instructions to make a magic sword. Because........?

so it all ended up being a meh for me.