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The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss I read this book while ago, but really did NOT like it, and because so many people I know LOVED it, didn't write a review at the time.

Now that it has been a while, I have to say that while at first I thought it was just that I didn't care for the first person narrative, the more I think about it, thats just not it. I have read many first person narratives that I loved.

It's more that I found Kvothe repulsive. Yup. I mean, in the flashbacks he's supposed to be this big hero, super-mage, loved by the ladies, dashing hope for the world, but I just kept wanting to put the book down because I was annoyed.

And then in the present day scenes, he is running an inn with Bast the goat-man, which was just odd, especially because Bast seems to be in love with him. Was this supposed to make me curious? I more just didn't want to ask ....I have learned through my work not to ask questions I dont want to know the answer to, right?

Then there was all this crap with Denna. Weird. Why would he put up with her? Even if he was all love st first sight, she had so many other man-irons in the fire for him to take anything she said seriously, so to me that whole 'unrequited love' thing just fell flat.

I dont know, this is fantasy, it doesnt have to be belivable or make sense, but so many other stories just SEEM real, and this just wasn't.

I did like Rothfuss' writing, it was beautiful. But there werent any characters that were likable, the plot didnt do anything for me, and the narrative was annoying.

Notice: this is my personal; opinion. I do not think people who loved this book were wrong. I simply dont agree. No hate notes please.