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Gardens of the Moon - Steven Erikson I truly can not recommend this book enough. Though Erikson's style of plopping down right in the middle of the story might throw some people off, I appreciated the lack of obvious exposition as we switched from view point to viewpoint and patiently wait for the pieces to 'click' together. Yes, there is a large cast of characters, and yes, you will have to refer to the list of them at the beginning of the book, but when it all clicks into place it is a truly wondrous world.
It's also important to remember that this book was a rewrite of a screenplay, and that the rest of the series was written ten years later. That makes the writing of this book a bit different than the rest of the series.

Ipon my reread, I have to say all the scope and wonderment was in here the whole time! SO many more details now shine through as foreshading of things to come!