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Altered Carbon - Richard K. Morgan I really love hard boiled detective stories, and cyber punk sci-fi. So, give me a book like this which is a combination of both and I can talk about it for days
Remniscent of [b:When Gravity Fails|132694|When Gravity Fails|George Alec Effinger|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1316729685s/132694.jpg|127822], this book had an unwilling protaganist running around trying to save his own loved ones by solving a crime.
The technology has to do with 'sleeving'. The ability to download personalities into 'spare' bodies. Now of course those bodies are supplied from somewhere, and that bitter taste never really leaves your mouth throughout this novel.
The mystery was there, but deep enough I didnt see it. The killer kind of obvious, but the motivations weren't. The slight romance was correctly complicated, and the ugly side realistic.
Everything I look for, how can I not love it!