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Faithful Place  - Tana French a solid 4.5...a really heartbreaking story from what has become my favorite mystery writer.
All of us has had some moment in our personal history that really defined us...in this case, Frank Mackey has always lived with the what-ifs after the woman he planned to elope with took off on her own instead after winessing his dysfunctional family at their worst. He turned his back on his youth and struck out on his own and never looked back. He is now a detective, the very antithesis of his family history.

But the past always resurfaces. When his ex's suitcase is found in the abandoned house up the block, Frank is pulled back in, and must face the reality that just maybe his first love did not find him so unworthy as to take off without him....

For me, the true mystery wasn't the murder of Rosie, as I guessed that pretty quickly. For me, it was figuring out the entanglement of the rough Irish neighborhood and how it turned Frank's family into the hugest mess on the block, creating completely unrealistic expectations from everyone involved.

The sadness of how one horrible prejudice years ago can affect all its future generations is very poignant here. Fench is one of my go-to writers, and I can't wait to get to the next installment of the Murder Squad.