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Cold Days - Jim Butcher ok, so maybe my expectations were too high. I mean, a lot of people whose opinions I respect have been rating this 5 stars and gushing how it's the best Dresden yet.
So I am reading along, happy to be back in Dresden world but not seeing anything TOO awesome, and am thinking this will be a 4, as usual.
Then all of a sudden Harry is fighting Kris Kringle. Seriously??? Santa Claus??? I admittedly passed judgment, rolled my eyes and downgraded it to a 3. I mean, Green's Darkside has the monopoly on throwing all sorts of cliche like things in the mix just for fun. Butcher should know better!
But like true Dresdenite I stayed up all nite reading it...and guess what? It started clicking together...
I don't think I have ever said so many "Ah-has" out loud since I read Malazan...lol. and yes, it does all come together, and yes, there was a good explanation for Santa, and yes, I am admittedly eating crow and giving this a 5 and proclaiming it the best Dresden ever.
And I need to apologize to Butcher for ever doubting it, and congratulating him on acheiving scope as worthy as Malazan...Fabulous!