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The Curse of Chalion - Lois McMaster Bujold What a wonderful gem!
I don't usually care a lot for the standard epic fantasies--I like a little grit and realism mixed in--but this book was a definite treat!

Cazaril has been a slave since being captured during a battle, and not ransomed. He was able to find out that his name had been kept off the list of POWs, and thus realizes the blame is not with his royal house, but rather the man who is now chancellor. So instead of heading to the capitol, he returns to the province where he originally worked as a page, hoping for some small position where he might serve out his days.

However, he is remembered fondly and appointed tutor to the princess of the land. Of course, intrigue starts and Cazaril realizes the royals of the home he loves are suffering a curse. Trying to keep his charge safe, Cazaril faces a journey in where he faces his past, bargains with gods, and offers the ultimate sacrifice to those he loves.

Now that sounds so corny written like that. You should go read Bujold's version, it's a much better story!