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Fatal Judgment - Irene Hannon I did manage to finish this book, mostly because it had so many good reviews, I thought it must be going to do something surprising. It didn't really, at least not plot-wise. This was the book that wasnt quite sure if it was about faith, or a mystery, or a romance. Yes, something can be all 3, I just dont think this came together.

So, Jake is a work-a-holic widower cop who lost his faith after his wife's death. He is assigned to do protective duty for a judge whose pregnant sister was shot in her home. It ends up she's the widow of his buddy who committed suicide after ranting to Jake about how his wife was so unsupportive.

Liz is a work-a-holic widow judge who found her faith after he husband's suicide. When her pregnant sister is shot at her home she is not happy to see her dead husband's aloof buddy as her protector.

So right there, 2 parts of the books tie-up are already exceedingly obvious. Liz just has to show a little emotion about her pregnant sisters serious situation for him to decide to be compassionate, and the next thing you know they are all hot for each other. Seriously, in about 5 seconds. Later when the suspect goes after Liz, Jake resorts to prayer, and finds his faith. In about 20 seconds.

ok-so the mystery takes a bit longer. Mostly because the suspect is so careful about forensics. Yet despite this, he manages to leave exactly one cat hair everywhere he goes. Really? you couldnt think of anything better than that?

But my biggest gripe of all is at the hospital in the first half. Although we are told the fetal heartbeat is still good and strong, when sister loses brain function, they make a big deal about donating all her organs right away so that they are viable. Excuse me, the baby? It might be using some of the organs here! NOT ONE WORD. I mean you could take care of this in one sentence, with a doctor saying the fetus was no longer viable or something, but NO ONE ASKS! This in a book where every bite of food idescribed and a fifteen minute nap takes up three pages!

I did like the cat, and was wondering what would happen to it. But as usual in these cookie-cutter type books, no one says a word. There is a whole epilogue about how proposal takes place months later but no more kitty. lolol--it was the only thing I cared about. Hey, she sounded like a cool cat.

PS-I just looked up the author's other series-and the first book starts off with a cop falling in love with his charge on a protection detail. Seriously? You couldn't think up a new plot? dang