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Yendi - Steven Brust Yendi is the 2nd installment in the Vlad Taltos series, and is actually a prequel to the first book. It establishes some background; how Vlad met Cawti (she tried to kill him) and how he built up his Jhereg territory. There is also the obligatory political problem, which in this case was extremely convoluted.

I do enjoy these books...they are fast paced, and have action. They aren't too long or convoluted.They are a great relaxing read.
For some reason, it took me a little bit to realize we had gone into the past at first read, and it was a bit jarring. The territory war/plotline was interesting. The love story didn't really seem very genuine...It came off more like Vlad is just a horndog...

and the political scheming? Kind of well, contrived. The power-scheming was so convoluted, that it had to be a Yendi, because they are into being convoluted, and here is a Yendi...so it must be her! Let's work it backwards...it is!

I still enjoyed it, just wasn't buying it.