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To Your Scattered Bodies Go - Philip José Farmer The one sentence version: Great idea, bad execution....

I LOVE the idea of a world where everyone who ever existed is suddenly reesurrected and given a second chance...if that is what's really happening...

However, it seems like it never gets too developed from an idea into a story, and using real-life people as characters...well, it can be sometimes disconcerting. When the main character Richard Burton goes after Alice Hargreaves (Alice in Wonderland) it seems more like a peek at the author's own Id than anything else...kinda creepy.

and for some reason, I kept thinking about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen while I was reading this...I do like to read about historical figures, but if too many 'liberties' are taken with their personalities, well, it rankles the reader.

It did end up becoming a story in the last couple chapters, definitely set up for the next in the series.