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Half the Blood of Brooklyn: A Novel - Charlie Huston I really love this series...

There were a few odd things out in this one. As usual Joe is having a really bad day, and is being forced to deal with stuff he doesnt give a crap about when he should be helping Evie...

. He is already really crabby about thinking if he should give her the Vyrus, and then he hears someone advise him to think about what you love before making any decisions....and suddenly the crazy factor is on....

I was bothered by the jewish clan, though Im not sure why...Amanda and Sela are back, thinking they're the harbringers of love and light...sound like Terry a little bit?

Anyway, of course nothing works out like it should...especially when somehow the Count is once again involved...I really do not like that guy, and he is more than a little annoyed about the loss of his own girls...hmmmmmm

Lots of strings pulling together here