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Tricked - Kevin Hearne Yay!!! Atticus is back!

I really really disliked Hammered. Atticus just was IMO being a big idiot, and so out of character I found it a turn-off.

In Tricked, though, he bounces back in a big way! There is still some stupid humor, but mostly it is appropriate.
Atticus does work on his earthly duties, works on training his apprentice, spoils Oberon, and generally acts like himself!

Of course there needs to be a story, and here Atticus gets sucked into a bunch of environmental drama curtesy of Coyote, who of course tricked him into it!
I love that there is a valid exploration of Native mythology here...so many people get that wrong, and I appreciate the authenticity of Hearne's research.

I am glad I decided to give this series another shot!