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Marked - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast This book is probably why I have such an aversion to YA. It takes what could have been a good premise (boarding school for vampires) and basically ruins it by trying to something for everyone....

Marked tries to do a lot of things....appeal to teens, insert moral judgments, act socially relevant, paint it's heroines issues as resiliency...it really just fails at all of it.

There is a bully girl who sexually harasses others, creepy stepdad, mom in denial about it, a cheerleader sister, best friends who decide they're twins and creepily complete each others sentences, a farm girl into country music and cowboy boots, a gay boy so sissyfied its embarassing, teachers who seduce students....yeah

That's correct. There is not one worthy character in this whole book.

please do not read it...please. if i can save one person it would all be worth it.