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Hammered - Kevin Hearne In the introduction, Kevin Hearne thanks his editor. I am really kind of mad at her, but he must have thanked her for not messing with his novel, and really, she should have.

I truly loved Hounded was pretty good, but Hearne just really lost me on this one.

It was a GREAT concept. It had so much potential...and it was just so, well, wasted! Wasted in a plethora of stupid comebacks and silly forays into snarky humor and nakedness that just really wrecked it. Example: At one point, the story had built into this momentous charge upon the denizens of Valhalla. A grand moment. WOrthy of a Led Zeppelin song even, and Hearne picks right then for the main character to say "Last one there is a rotten egg". Really??? Right now??? ( I might have that not quite. I couldn't make myself pick up the book to check the quote, it's so sad)

Yeah. I was bummed about this one.