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The Rowan - Anne McCaffrey Ugh.
I am so annoyed I wasted a whole day on this book. But, I am even more annoyed that is was voted the book of the month under Women in Sci-Fi.
This is space romance. Telekinesis and TElepathy joined in one person, albeit on a space station, does not Science Fiction make, even if there is an alien invasion. And no, I do not beleive in 'Love at first mind-brush'.

To be fair, this book starts well. A small child is the only survivor of a landslide, and her anguished mental state calls for her rescue among the telepaths of the universe. Amazed at such powers in such a young child, she is trained up to be the strongest 'talent' there is.In a remniscence of Weber's Harrington novels, she even gets the honor of being adopted by a Barquecat.

OK, good premise, could lead to something very interesting. But NOOOOOOOOO. A raw talent in a nearby colony calls out for help, and the Rowan is instantly in love. What? Seriously? They immediately get together and start making babies. What? Seriously? and the guy pretty much immediately starts getting massages and griping about where to live. and the Barquecat? Oh, she gave that away. Explained off in one sentence. Seriously?

Because of their love they are able to brush away some hive-type beetle invaders. Ta-da. Family and love wins out. In like a paragraph. Seriously?
Ugh. Women in Science Fiction? I need a shower....