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The Collector - John Fowles When I first read this-I just thought it was good. But I find myself thinking about these characters (and thus this book) quite a lot, almost as though they were people I met once, wondering whether they did this or that, or if they ever learned better, or if Miranda's ex ever realized what he lost. I've come to realize that the way this novel has crept up on me is a sign of great writing, and that this book affected me a lot more than I realized!
Loner, social outcast, and butterfly collector Frederick wins a lottery and decides it's time to add the ultimate piece to his collection...beautiful art student Miranda.
Although he says he does it to try to get her to know him better, she is ultimately just a part of his collection, and the scene where she looks at all his butterflies, pinned open and placed in collection boxes...and realizes she is not getting out of this alive, is very ominous.
There is a good pace of psychologial tension, my only caveat being that too much of the story is recovered in the POV switch from Freferick to Miranda. I loved that there was her POV, and we saw the past that she was losing