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Agents of Light and Darkness - Simon R. Green So, this book just didn't live up to my expectations. The concept was interesting enough, and there was plenty of action, but I just kept catching myself rolling my eyes at all the crap that was added in....

There were ghosts, vampires, angels, mummys, werewolves, Merlin, ...you name it, it was in here. There was even a frankenstein monster, ordering a can of oil in a bar. Really? You couldn't edit any of that out? I kept waiting for Green to poke fun of himself by having a kitchen sink monster. Seriously.

This made me lose sight of the plot, which was about finding the Unholy Grail, which may have been interesting if I hadn't been so caught up on thinking about if there was anything missing.

It was Thor's hammer. Not even a mention....but it probably was in the collector's vault, and he was just too busy to mention it along with the Roswell aliens and the speaking gun.