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Sanctuary: The Corrected Text - William Faulkner This is actually one of my top three Faulkner novels,along with Sound and the Fury and maybe Light in August. Faulkner wrote a lot of different types of novels, and the ability to drag us into this one despite its horrific content is nothing short of admirable.
A lot of people say they don't like this book, but I think that's because of the content and some type of shame for having read it! As the book unfolds, we can see this is all going to go very badly for everyone...yet the genious writing pulls us in and we just have to watch. It's a disgusting story, but realistic and gritty. None of the characters here manages to do the right thing, and what that says about the human condition is not something most people can dwell on.
A sequel to this book is Faulkner's screenplay Requiem for a Nun, the continuing story of Temple, and the effect the events in this book had on her.